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The ฿itcoin, from bit - «฿it» and coin - «coin» ) - peering payment system that uses the same name the same name and unit of account data protocol. To ensure that the protection system is used and cryptographic methods.


Litecoin ( from the English lite - «Light», the English coin - «Coin» ) - a fork of the ฿itcoin, peering electronic payment system that uses the same name cryptocurrency. Creating and sending Litecoin is based on the protocol without centralized administration based on ฿itcoin technology.


Dogecoin - cryptocurrency based on Litecoin. Named in honor of the internet meme Doge. It was presented December 8, 2013. Unlike other cryptocurrency Dogecoin has a fast enough period of mining of the original.


Dashcoin (DSH) cryptocurrency launched July 5, 2014 . Dashcoin it using a fork Bytecoin CryptoNote technology.

Why Course-Mining?

-You yourself are adjusting profit Cloud Mining.
-Company «Course-Mining» for professionals and beginners.
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-Personal manager.
-Avetomaticheski disbursement, at that moment, when and how it is convenient to you.
-You do not need to go anywhere, because all that is needed - this is a free internet access.
-Stable exchange rate, you have nothing to lose, because it is not Exchange.
-Get free recommendations, as well as the trading signals from professional financial analysts, company «Course-Mining».
And most importantly - you never descend below the amount of attachments that you have, at any time can withdraw your money in any convenient way.

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฿itcoin - a virtual electronic currency, regulated only the Internet using a clever algorithm. ฿it is a unit of information (bit), a coin in the translation from English means «coin». The main advantage of ฿itcoins is that they can not «print» too much, because they release laid in software algorithms, and is not subject to any of the governments.

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